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Form follows function—that has been misunderstood.

Form and function should be one,

joined in a spiritual union.

—Frank Lloyd Wright

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The Azawakh is an ancient hound breed from the Sahel region of West Africa who are working dogs for the nomadic Touareg people.  There, they have been traditionally used as both a hunting hound capable of bringing down gazelle as well as guardians who are quick to alert if perceived danger is near.  


In the 25 plus years I have lived with and bred Azawakh, Frank Lloyd Wright’s interpretation of Louis Sullivan’s quote has been my guide. I’ve applied this by studying dogs and pedigrees to produce Azawakh that exude correct breed type along with the light, effortless, floating type of movement that differentiates this breed from other hounds. An Azawakh should never exhibit hackney or pounding action as that would be completely inefficient in the sands of Africa. That is how I relate form and function to the breed.  My approach to the spiritual union part of this quote is temperament.  Azawakh in Africa are nothing more than livestock with a job to do.  Here in the West they are our loving companions who should be good canine citizens.  I strive to produce Azawakh that are as comfortable in the show ring or anywhere in public as they are on their sofas in their homes.

Doug Koger, Domiko Kennel

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